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Headphone Deals Page

     This is the place to get custom builds or parts and where I post my most unique builds that are ready to ship...

     Prices include shipping to USA
addresses. International customer will always pay additional shipping (LMK when you email what Country you are in, USA or where). Headphone Deals are guaranteed to function properly unless otherwise stated. Both the pictures along with description should tell the story of what's in the DEAL. Click photos for a larger image of the one shown, (which should work most of the time). No returns allowed without a reason acceptable to me.

     The headphones sold may be customs, prototypes, (of which another may or may not be made again) or whatever. Some may have differences of the final product sold on other pages. Others are proven art designs that are for sale on other pages, I might just happen to have a complete pair for sale, or parting with personal property. If a particular headphone was brand new and modded, that will be stated (though I tend to forget to state that). Otherwise I've used a pre-owned pair to mod. Headphones do not come with a product box, accessories or case unless specifically stated.

Please follow these simple
STEPSor you may miss out.

1] Please do not email, till there is a price in red numbers after desired item description. When you email, please tell me in the email if you're in USA or which Country I'd be shipping to (otherwise I'll probably ask)...

2] Items will be sold on a first email received basis to... info@headphile.com   Canceling or trading value of a current order is not okay. I will email you within 24 hours, typically much sooner. If you don't hear back (especially GMAIL users), check your SPAM folder!!!

3] You will be required to pay in full within 24 hours (on approval of sale) per my email (or in the unlikely event other arrangements are approved by me). If you wish to purchase a deal, tell me in clear terms (not "I'm interested" or something vague). There's no holds or sale until that's asked for officially and clearly by you, then accepted by me. Deals have been lost by not being clear...

4] A new item or price change (lowered, sometimes higher) could and will happen at anytime of the day or night. I won't barter price, so accept the price or wait for it to go down (snooze you lose). Knowing at what price to pull the trigger before someone else does is up to you! As per homepage list, I may consider something in trade.

5] I ship once payment is received sometimes same day, typically 1-3 days (No International Shipping at this time)… If my home page mailing date is near, I may wait for that if it's within 7 days if I'm super busy building orders. I'll LYK and I'll email a tracking link once physically shipped.

                                                                       Click on a photo for a larger version...

Current Deal Descriptions

                 ^^^ DEAL 1 ^^^                                        ^^^ DEAL 1 ^^^                                          ^^^ DEAL 1 ^^^

DEAL 1   Custom Double Stand… Built using a highly figured, large base Lyptus (Private Stock) wood, with unique (one-of-kind) 45 degree angled hangers. Stance is approx the same as a 20% taller Classic stand would be. Black deerskin on hangers... $Sold

                 ^^^ DEAL 2 ^^^                                       ^^^ DEAL 2 ^^^                                           ^^^ DEAL 2 ^^^

DEAL 2     Senn Cups… Made with Koa, finished in black. These are somewhat taller than Standard Depth. Fits 580-600-650-6XX? Includes 8 screws, install directions on bottom of Senn Mods page. Black without the cost of Ebony! $Sold

                 ^^^ DEAL 3 ^^^                                   ^^^ DEAL 3 ^^^                                         ^^^ DEAL 3 ^^^

DEAL 3     Darth Beyer V7000-A Elite Custom… Uses Grado HP-1000 drivers, custom mounted on Korina internally. Beyer leather pads, headphile V3 deerskin headband, detachable 1.75 meter BlackGold cable with matching CJC. Abalone dot marks top L cup. Neutrik 1/4" and Neutrik RCA on headphone side of cable. Woods are Gaboon Ebony mated with Bloodwood. V7000-A is adjustable, with three distinct sounds (open hole, plugged hole, partial plug). As far as I know, this is the only adjustable HP1000 (if you don't count phase switches on HP1). I could be talked into replacing HP1000 drivers with my Beyer V7-A setup to make these cost less. The most custom HP1000 drivered headphone I've built… $Sold

                  ^^^ DEAL 4 ^^^                                        ^^^ DEAL 4 ^^^                                        ^^^ DEAL 4 ^^^

DEAL 4    Proto Triple Custom Stand... Built with Private Stock Cherry. There is more deerskin on this stand than a quad (and it's brown). The center is more suited to single sided entry headphones. Approx 14" wide hanger by 12" tall. I built one of these years ago, and thought I'd revisit it again for something different.  $Sold

                  ^^^ DEAL 5 ^^^                                         ^^^ DEAL 5 ^^^                                      ^^^ DEAL 5 ^^^

DEAL 5     Darth Beyer V7 32 ohm... For the first time, I'm using Color Motion Grain Bloodwood. As you move them in the light, dark colors changes to light color and light to dark! Another first, I'm using 32 ohm Pro as the base headphone. These are easier to power and use Vinyl pads along with 1.5 meter BlackSilver cable, to 3.5mm mini plug (1/8")... $Sold

                  ^^^ DEAL 6 ^^^                                          ^^^ DEAL 6 ^^^                                       ^^^ DEAL 6 ^^^

DEAL 6  Custom Stand... Flame Purple Heart Classic single with hand etched design that I filled with metal (some unavoidable flux staining)... Light for pics was low, so used both natural and flash pics... $Sold

                  ^^^ DEAL 7 ^^^                                           ^^^ DEAL 7 ^^^                                      ^^^ DEAL 7 ^^^

DEAL 7    DYNAHI Amplifier... Kevin Gilmore design Class A headphone amp (boards by Justin of headamp). I believe it was built by the guy in Taiwan who was the main builder back in the day. DYNAHI faceplate made by me (attached with double foam tape in case you'd want to remove). Single set of RCA ins, single 1/4" (or 3-pin stereo) out. Plenty of power to run any dynamic or Planar drivered headphone (even efficient speakers). Power supply uses Nichicon Gold Tune caps 4700uF x 6. Back of amp PIC...  $795

                 ^^^ DEAL 8 ^^^                                          ^^^ DEAL 8 ^^^                                       ^^^ DEAL 8 ^^^

DEAL 8     Grado Elite Custom... Made with Ebony/Bloodwood striped deep cups, matching CJC on 1.75 meter BlackGold cable to Neutrik 1/4" plug. Joe Grado leather headband with red letters (squares faded), rod locks and Ebony/Bloodwood end tips, Joe/John transition drivers (from transition 325). Quite nice looking and sounding in person! Elite COA included... $795

               ^^^ DEAL 9 ^^^                                          ^^^ DEAL 9 ^^^                                         ^^^ DEAL 9 ^^^

DEAL 9     Vintage Grado Speakers... Joe Grado was making speakers for a short time before headphones, so I believe these are late 80's or early 90's. These Grado Labs "JR" may have been the only model, not sure... but I've not seen any other model myself. These are from my personal collection, I've had them over 10 years. 16"x16"x10" 8ohm single 8" with whizzer cone (my name for it) and are quite good sounding, not surprising from Joe Grado. Someone once described these as "Very clear, open, natural and dynamic, without being bright or hard sounding, a sophisticated sound"... I would agree with that. The last pic shows the grill cloth removed, as I had to check out how they were designed (and a pair of HP1000 on top for size perspective, not included!). Cloth material has since long ago been re-glued on. There are a few scratches, but nothing that can't be vanquished with some wood oil. There is also a piece of veneer missing on the front left edge of one of the speakers... it doesn't really stand out though, judge for yourself. Pics of backs PIC PIC PIC.. $845 (not available till website reopens, see home page).

              ^^^ DEAL 10 ^^^                                       ^^^ DEAL 10 ^^^                                  ^^^ DEAL 10 ^^^

DEAL 10     Custom Senn Cups... Standard depth closed cups using Private Stock Birdseye of a wood I don't recall the name of. Shown at a few angles in evening sunlight. Includes 8 screws, fits HD580-600-650... $Sold

              ^^^ DEAL 11 ^^^                                       ^^^ DEAL 11 ^^^                                  ^^^ DEAL 11 ^^^

DEAL 11     Sony CD3000 Cups... You get a pair with lettering intact (I have multiple pairs, but getting low). Replace your worn cups or get a spare set to paint black, apply leather to, or some other DIY idea you come up with... $48 or $33 if lettering quality doesn't matter to you

              ^^^ DEAL 12 ^^^                                       ^^^ DEAL 12 ^^^                                  ^^^ DEAL 12 ^^^

DEAL 12     Sony CD3000 Drivers... Around 2004-5, I was modding CD3000's with other drivers. Some pairs were brand new, some slightly used. I have limited drivers left that I took out (of many). Keep in mind that these drivers are nearly NOS, so if your tired pair blew a driver, the other driver might have less volume capability than one of these... $245 each or 400 a pair (not available till website reopens, see home page).

              ^^^ DEAL 13 ^^^                                       ^^^ DEAL 13 ^^^                                  ^^^ DEAL 13 ^^^

DEAL 13     Three varieties left of Grado Cups... 1. HP1000 upper Rims only, 2. HF-1, 4. Narrow 325 aluminum with screens/spacers. Sold by the pair, price is for pair. Only these cups are currently available... #1-$48, #2-$48, #4-$48 (these have screens/spacers not shown in pic)

              ^^^ DEAL 14 ^^^                                       ^^^ DEAL 14 ^^^                                  ^^^ DEAL 14 ^^^

DEAL 14     Audio-Technica ATH-2... Believe these have Planar drivers (look them up). I'd call these NOS, or very close if not $Sold

              ^^^ DEAL 15 ^^^                                       ^^^ DEAL 15 ^^^                                  ^^^ DEAL 15 ^^^

DEAL 15     Grado boxes SR100, SR200, HF1, HF2… Joe Grado boxes in varying condition with flaws. John Grado boxes are signed by him on back, and pretty nice condition. Foam insert not included with price, but may be inside (or not) as a bonus (in whatever condition).  Priced per one box of your choice $Sold

              ^^^ DEAL 16 ^^^                                       ^^^ DEAL 16 ^^^                                  ^^^ DEAL 16 ^^^

DEAL 16     Joe Grado SR100/SR200 Cups... Pair of cups only, use your driver holders (I have those for $20 a pair that hold HP1000 drivers). SR100 white letter, SR100 red letter, SR200 priced respectively in order $28-N/A-58

              ^^^ DEAL 17 ^^^                                       ^^^ DEAL 17 ^^^                                  ^^^ DEAL 17 ^^^

DEAL 17     Senn Screens... 580 plastic screens (fit 580/600/650), priced for a pair... $None at this time

Random Art & Items Deals

              ^^^ R-ART 1 ^^^                                       ^^^ R-ART 1 ^^^                                  ^^^ R-ART 1 ^^^

R-ART 1     I'll put something up here eventually... $

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